Answered By: Neeta Jambhekar
Last Updated: May 19, 2021     Views: 2913

O'Reilly Safari provides access to Learning Paths, which are extended tutorials or courses on various topics in computer science, data science, and other disciplines. Some of these courses use practice exercise files to guide learning. These files are frequently linked in the main page of the associated Learning Path; however, Packt Publishing courses will require the creation of a secondary account in order to gain access to these files.

First, click the Resources link(s) provided at the bottom of the course description:


Some links will redirect you to other external sites or hosting services, such as Github, to download the exercise files. If you are redirected to the Packt Publishing webpage, fill out the form listed below Downloads to create an account (see example below). You may use O'Reilly as the option for purchase location of the program. After submitting the form, the exercise files will be emailed directly to you. You can use this account login to download other exercise files from different Packt Publishing programs.


In some cases, these files may not be directly linked to the associated Learning Path. If that is the case, the following steps may be helpful in locating the exercise files:

1. Open the Learning Path program and begin viewing the video.

2. On the side navigation, click Details, then click Purchase Book. (Note: You will not need to purchase the book or sign up for a subscription service to access the files.) 


3. Click the link for Code Files.

4. Follow the same process as above to create an account with Packt. The files should be emailed to you directly, and you will be able to use the same login to access exercise files for other Packt programs.